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User's Guide: 8100L and 8100S Series Management Software CLI v2.2.5 (Rev A)
30 Nov 2015
Pluggables and Cabling Feature Overview and Configuration Guide
This guide describes cable diagnostic tools and how to use them: Cable Fault Locator (CFL), Optical Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) and Active Fiber Monitoring.
448.80 KB24 Nov 2015
Web-authentication Feature Overview and Configuration Guide
This guide describes what web-authentication is, explains how it is used, examines the operation of web-authentication and presents some examples of how to manage traffic of unauthenticated supplicants.
1.26 MB24 Nov 2015
Eco-Friendly Feature Overview and Configuration Guide
This guide describes the Eco-friendly feature which reduces a switch's power consumption by: turning off power to port LEDs when they are not in use and implementing IEEE 802.3az to put ports into a Low-Power Idle mode.
380.69 KB17 Nov 2015
Datasheet: IE300 Series [Rev A]
Product Information for the IE300 Series of Industrial Managed PoE+ Switches
1.14 MB15 Nov 2015
Success Story: Arena Pantanal
Arena Pantanal football stadium in Brazil selects an Allied Telesis network to kick-off the 2014 FIFA World Cup competition.
1013.58 KB10 Nov 2015
Datasheet: FS750 Series [Rev A]
Product information for the FS750 Series
447.97 KB05 Nov 2015
Success Story: Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad, Malaysia
Malaysia's largest local wholesaler achieved greater efficiencies in their operations and infrastructure management with Allied Telesis' end-to-end networking solutions.
1.05 MB01 Nov 2015
Sucess Story: fX Lifestyle X'nter
fX Lifestyle X'nter in Jakarta, one of the world's most modern malls, selects Allied Telesis for its powerful network, providing a combination of both business and leisure connectivity.
1.32 MB01 Nov 2015
New and Enhanced Features in AlliedWare Plus Version 5.4.4E-1.x for GS900MX/MPX Series Switches
This release note describes the new and improved features in AlliedWare Plus version 5.4.4E-1.x for GS924MX, GS948MX, GS924MPX and GS948MPX switches. It includes details about how to upgrade to the new version.
17.41 MB05 Nov 2015
How to Configure a Next-Generation Firewall
This guide shows how to configure a NGFW using the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
2.19 MB29 Oct 2015
IGMP/MLD Feature Overview and Configuration Guide
This guide sescribes IGMP/MLD and its configuration on AlledWare Plus
1.58 MB28 Oct 2015
White paper: Firewalls: on-premises or in the cloud?
This White Paper considers the drivers behind cloud-based security, and examines the reasons why on-premises firewalls will long continue to have a strong market presence.
694.87 KB28 Oct 2015
Support for Allied Telesis Enterprise MIBs in Alliedware Plus
This guide describes the AlliedWare Plus Management Information Base (MIB) and MIB objects that are supported.
1.01 MB27 Oct 2015


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